Growing Up Too Fast !

Today was Myles's last sports day in his nursery, i cant believe what an amazing young man he has grown up to be in the last few months, yes he does drive me crazy to the point where i want to scream but without it i wouldn't be as grateful for the amazing happy times we have together.


So not only was it his last sports day but he also turned 4 today! 4!! Where has the time gone, i know parents say it all the time but seriously what happened there, i blinked and 4 years had passed. This is another reason why i started "A Childminding Mummy" because i now have hundreds of lovely videos and pictures i can look back on and remember all these beautiful days.

He has been such a lucky boy with some fantastic friends who came to his party last weekend, i know they will all have an amazing time moving on together to their new adventures in "Big School".

We all have had a great day so thank you everyone in Myles's Nursery i know he will miss you all especially Lyndsey and her famous 2 minute run around! Thank you all for helping him grow, thank you for teaching him right from wrong and thank you for all you do xx


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