8 Transport Activities

Hi everyone i have been planning our next topic for the childminding kids so here is our 8 transport activities we will be using with all the children. There are some fantastic ideas to link to the EYFS or if your a parent and want some new games to play.

1. Cardboard Vehicals.

Now i know this one looks too good to be true, but something smaller and easier to do will be just as good.


2. Cardboard Marble run for cars.

We have a gutter system in the garden already for the children where they put water down and catch it in a bucket at the bottom, but this looks easy enough to make too.

3. A Car Wash

Anyone can do this, grab an old tooth brush and off they go. You could even through in a few dirty dishes along the way haha.

4. Hot Air Balloons

Bit of a sit down task, would be great for everyone after a run around in the garden.

5. Traffic sign Matching Game

This looks difficult but could easily be changed around a bit and made simpler for younger ones. Maybe one of each colour to start with, then introduce others.

6. Race Car Drawings

We struggle to get the boys to want to do drawing, writing or anything to do with pens. By bringing the cars into the activity i can guarantee they will want to join in now !

7. Train Painting

This is another one again for the boys to help them be more creative. I can imagine what the finished product would look like with all the train track shapes.

8. Pasta Tuff Tray

Everyone has something dried in their cupboards at home, pasta, rice, couscous, cereal etc. Nice and simple and could be done over and over again.


I hope this post helped with some new ideas, we will be using them all and i will do an update video on how it all went very soon.


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