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Growing Up Too Fast !

Today was Myles's last sports day in his nursery, i cant believe what an amazing young man he has grown up to be in the last few months, yes he does drive me crazy to the point where i want to scream but without it i wouldn't be as grateful for the amazing happy times we have together.

So not only was it his last sports day but he also turned 4 today! 4!! Where has the time gone, i know parents say it all the time but seriously what happened there, i blinked and 4 years had passed. This is another reason why i started "A Childminding Mummy" because i now have hundreds of lovely videos and pictures i can look back on and remember all these beautiful days.

He has been such a lucky boy with some fantastic friends who came to his party last weekend, i know they will all have an amazing time moving on together to their new adventures in "Big School".

We all have had a great day so thank you everyone in Myles's Nursery i know he will miss you all especially L…

8 Transport Activities

Hi everyone i have been planning our next topic for the childminding kids so here is our 8 transport activities we will be using with all the children. There are some fantastic ideas to link to the EYFS or if your a parent and want some new games to play.

1. Cardboard Vehicals.

Now i know this one looks too good to be true, but something smaller and easier to do will be just as good.

2. Cardboard Marble run for cars.

We have a gutter system in the garden already for the children where they put water down and catch it in a bucket at the bottom, but this looks easy enough to make too.

3. A Car Wash

Anyone can do this, grab an old tooth brush and off they go. You could even through in a few dirty dishes along the way haha.
4. Hot Air Balloons

Bit of a sit down task, would be great for everyone after a run around in the garden.

Wedding Planning

I have recently posted a video on Youtube explaining how i am going to plan our wedding but thought it would help me out if i just wrote about it.

Believe me i'm not one for writing nor am i any good at it, but i feel this is something i shouldn't turn away from and should just give it a go.

So we have been wedding planning now for a month, we went to one venue for a visit and its just not for us. Then my nan suggested going abroad and at first we both laughed and thought yes i wish and that it would never happen to us. But why not, why cant it happen to us, why cant we have the wedding of our dreams and be somewhere hot and sunny and not have to worry about this stupid English weather where one day its hot and the next its like a hurricane!

So i started to look online and to be honest at first it looked so easy like it was booking a holiday, you see the price and thats what you get. Boy was i wrong!

I went to the local travel agents and picked up their brochure for weddings a…