Christmas Activity Craft - Baked Salt Dough Tree Decorations

Heres how we made salt dough trees.
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Recipe : 1 Cup Plain Flour
              1/2 Cup Salt
              Less Than a Cup of Water
              Food colouring

Start with the Flour, Salt and Food colouring. Combine them together and start to slowly add the water. Keep adding more colouring if the colour is not strong enough. Once the mixture has gone like a dough ball DON'T add more water.

Make a stencil out of paper or buy one. Cut out the tree shape and use a straw to add a hole for the string. The children can then push holes into the dough, but not all the way through.

Then they are ready for the oven, bake on low heat (75c) for at least 4 hours. Keep turning them over so both sides dry out.
Once dry they are ready to paint with bright colours in the holes.

Leave to dry and add some string to hang up !


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